My Great Grandmas Furniture is For sale

                                          from the early 19th century


Antique Furniture For Sale in Hollywood, California

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End Table - 101
Old antique chest of drawers
Dresser Chest - 104
Mirror Scarf Rack - 107
Bench - 110
Chairs - 113
I suppose you could use this piece as a dresser or an old set of chest of drawers and maybe place the two old marble top vanities on either end for that old cowboy movie look
Dresser - 116
Marble Top Dresser - 119
Antique Phonograpgh -122
Mirror - 125
End Tables - 102

Vinatge Rocker Chair

Rocking Chair - 105
Round Table - 108
Nothing else like Old antique chest of drawers to give a room a little vintage flair
Marble Top Chest of Drawers 111
Old chest of drawers
Chester Drawer Dresser - 114
Really old vintage cigar chest will enhance any mans home bar or pool room
Chest - 117
Marble Top End Tables - 120
Antique Luggage - 123
Portrait Holder & Light - 126
Chair - 103
Low Back Chair - 106
Marble top pedestal, great for putting in the foyer for the days mail to be placed on
Marble Top Pedestal - 109
Vintage Desk, a true delightful piece of old furniture
Desk - 112
Dining Room Table & Chairs - 115
China Serving Cabinet - 118
Old marble top vanities for bathroom or kitchen (a few of my favorites)
Antique Bathroom Vanities - 121
Desk Chair - 124
Sculpture Lamps - 127
Grandmas furniture was always a pleasure to look at. I mean really, who has antique marble top vanities anymore or really old chest of drawers and other antique furniture. I love antique furniture but the old furniture great grandma had is a litle too old. If you like old antique furniture, you'll want to look at this old furniture and possibly buy it. Some of my favorite pieces are the old marble top vanities granny had in her bathroom and kitchen and the really old collection of chest of drawers.